Let Us Help Protect Your Home in the Lubbock, TX Area

5 reasons West Texas Exteriors Inc is Your Go To Roofing Contractor

At West Texas Exteriors Inc, we want to help you protect your home starting at the top. Whether you are looking for metal roofing, composite shingles or anything in between, we are here to help.

West Texas Exteriors Inc will work with you to...

  • Find the best roofing options for your budget and your home
  • Provide the best value for your new roof
  • Boost your curb appeal and property value
  • Process insurance claims
  • Find financing options if needed
West Texas Exteriors Inc also provides Class IV roofing options to help you qualify for up to 30% off your homeowners insurance. Call 806-748-6777 now to request a virtual estimate.

Lubbock's most trusted roof repair company

Was your roof recently damaged by a storm? Don't worry - West Texas Exteriors Inc specializes in storm damage roof repairs in the Lubbock, TX area. Our roof repair experts can inspect your roof, prepare a damage assessment report and help you file a claim with your insurance company. You can rely on us to repair your roof if it's:

  • Leaking
  • Sagging
  • Separating
  • Missing shingles
  • Covered in standing water

Reach out right away to get fast, reliable storm damage roof repair services. We can guide you through the insurance claim process and complete your roof repairs in no time.

Can't escape the sweltering Texas heat?

Can't escape the sweltering Texas heat?

Energy-efficient roofing can help keep cool air indoors and prevent your HVAC system from working overtime during the summer. Look into a roof replacement if you've noticed...

  • Drafts
  • Leaky gutters
  • Loose flashing
  • Curling shingles
  • Rotten roof decking
  • Algae or moss growth
Popular energy-efficient roofing options in the Lubbock, TX area include metal, tile, asphalt shingles and wood shakes. Contact West Texas Exteriors at any time to get your roof replaced.

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