While we didn't do a commercial spot for you, we wanted you to know how much we appreciated the way you did business with us. We were pretty apprehensive about the whole process but when you, Bart, walked into our home, you were like family. You delivered what you promised and the process was easy. This is the way business is supposed to be done, the old fashoned way like dad. Thank you. Our home looks beautiful and we know that the job was done right. Agan, thank you.

Linda Cornelsen

I'm writing to thank you for the wonderful siding and windows that we purchased from you. The seamless siding looks great and the windows are great too. Our house looks new and our heating unit hardly runs at all. Isaac and Johnny did a marvelous job, especially Isaac. He went above and beyond to make sure everything was done right and to our satisfaction. we would definitely recommend your products to anyone needing siding or windows. Thanks again.

Dennis & Kathy Kelly

Recently you company applied steel to cover the exterior wood surfaces of my home. I wanted to let you know how pleased I am with the job, which was completed in a timely, professional manner. I am very pleased with the quality of the workmanship. Dealing with your company was a very pleasant experience. I believe I received good value for my investment. Thanks to all who helped bring the project to completion.


John C. Scott

West Texas Exteriors Bart Kelley,

I'm telling you how happy I am with my new double hung "Traco" windows. They have stopped 95% of the outside noise and all wind noise. Last Month I did see a drop in my electric bill, which was exciting. I know they will make my life so much easier, nicer, and cleaner. I'm thrilled to have them in my home. Once ordered and here, it took so much less time to install than I thought it would. They work was done very professionally and your crew was as courteous as any I have ever had working at my house. If I ever move again, I will have them install windows in my next house.

Barbara Bentley

Dear Mr. Kelley,

Some ten or twelve years ago I had vinyl siding installed on a farm helper house on my farm. After looking at a sample and discussing it with a salesman, I decided it looked pretty good with the Styrofoam fitting the underside of the vinyl. It looked substantial and I felt like it would work well. After the job was finished it looked really nice and I was pleased with it. However before long we began to have a problem with the seams coming loose, and had it repaired two or three times. On June 2, 2007 we had a severe wind and hail storm and a lot of hail damage. My helper house sustained considerable damage to the vinyl siding with large areas completely gone. West Texas Exteriors repaired the damage salvaging the useable pieces of vinyl and a near match for the back house. It looks great! If I had known when I bought the vinyl siding what I know now I would have gone to West Texas Exteriors and bought the seamless steel siding they offer.

West Texas Exteriors installed Rollex Soffit and fascia on my home in March, 2000 and the gables were done with steel siding with foam insulation behind it. My windows were also trimmed with metal trim. Now almost eight yours and two hailstorms later it still looks like new! In September, 2007 West Texas Exteriors put a steel Decra roof on my home and I love the look of it.

I am very pleased with their work and I would recommend West Texas Exteriors and their products to any one needing roof or siding work done on their home. My home is located at 128 Aransas Avenue in Levelland, Texas if someone wants to come see it.

Jo Ann Price

We just wanted to let you know how pleased we are with the siding. It makes such a difference in the look of the house. We are very pleased with the quality of the product.

We Also want to compliment the young men who did the job. You Are so lucky to have found such polite, respectable, clean cut young men who are such diligent workers. They not only completed the job well, but they did it so quickly. I can see why you want to keep them busy, it would be a shame to loose such a good crew.

We realize that you already have a lot of contacts in the area, but please know that we too will spread your name around to any party interested in siding their homes. Also when we get ready to build in Cottonwood, we will keep in touch.

Thanks again, and please thank your crew again for us.

Sheila & Adrian Allen

One of the wisest decisions I have ever made was choosing seamless siding for my home. It looks GREAT! I also want to compliment your employers, Jake and Henry, for their job performance and the thoughtful manner in the way they conducted themselves. Along with doing such fine work, they also cleaned the work area each day so I did not have to worry about my granddaughters hurting themselves. Thank you for a job well done. It is certainly nice to know that a good Christian work ethic still exists in our great country.

Francis Timmons

We wanted you to know that we are pleased with our home make-over. Issac and his sons were very hard-working, friendly, courteous and neat with the job. I was expecting a big mess with the windows, but they certainly did a wonderful job. The rain gutter looks great too.

Bill and Marilyn Lockhart

The work by your crew was excellent. Please give them my best.

Jim Pflugue

The Couple installing the windows were so nice, and they did a beautiful job. It looks like a totally different house.


Thanks much for working with me to get the windows replaced here. They are truly a wonderful upgrade. Thanks for bringing your dad by to see us. We will always advertise free for you by word of mouth. It's so great to do business with such a nice person.

God bless you and yours,

Ann Strada

The Boy's did a good job. They kept everything cleaned up. They are hard workers. And they took their time to get things right.

Don Ruff

LOVED their new windows. They had been great with the wind & sand.

Mrs. Smith

The workers were great I couldn't give them more Kudos.


Just did siding/excellent work.

Lawrence Hunt

With the good results I have had since the installation of the west facing windows. I wish I had done this lone time ago. The installation has reduced the heat coming in the afternoon by at least 10 degrees. In the morning the cold does not penetrate and this has reduced the heating and cooling considerably. After installation I have noticed no leakage and that has eliminated the ever present dust inside. Your installation crew is very friendly, efficient, and professional.


Clarence Bullock

Just a note to thank you for taking care of my windows. It seems your helpers did a good job. My house seems warmer, quieter, and so far I don't feel any wind coming through, and so far no sand. Thank you for helping and old lady out. I think this is really going to make a difference, I feel I know you as an honest and up-right fellow. You have done right by me, and if I hear of anyone that is interested in new siding or storm windows, I will be glad to recommend you. Thank you again.


Ms. Doris Smith Levelland

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