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Seamless Siding Beats Vinyl Siding—Hands Down. Why?

Because Seamless Siding Is More Durable,
Looks Better, And Lasts Much, Much Longer.

Siding Contractor - West Texas Exteriors

Sure, you’ll spend a little less money on the front end going with a vinyl siding contractor in Lubbock, TX. But that little bit of money you save just isn’t worth the headaches you’ll encounter later on.

The fact is, vinyl is just plain inferior to seamless steel siding in EVERY possible way. Vinyl sags, warps, melts, expands, contracts, fades, leaks, and dents. Seamless steel does NOT.

Yes, seamless steel costs about 12% to 22% more than vinyl. But seamless steel lasts AT LEAST twice as long (a minimum of 50 years, while vinyl siding in West Texas has a maximum life of 25 years), requires almost NO maintenance, and makes your home look much more attractive. That little bit extra you pay at first is returned many times over because seamless steel is such a superior product.

We are a Lubbock siding company that custom makes our steel siding on the job site ensure it matches your home's measurements to the inch. And no seams means there is NO chance of water leaks.

So there is no question that seamless steel siding beat regular vinyl in a head-to-head battle in every category.

Looks? Seamless steel wins. Durability? Seamless steel wins. Longevity? Seamless steel wins. No question.