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Here Are 6 Reasons Why A West Texas Exteriors Metal Roof Beats An Ordinary Roof—HANDS DOWN.

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With A Metal Roof Over Your Head, You’ll…

Here’s why a metal roof from West Texas Exteriors is the last roof you’ll ever buy:

1. A Metal Roof Looks Better.

Metal roofing in Lubbock and surrounding areas adds a major touch of class to your home that regular shingles just don't have. Metal roofs can match any style—including wood shakes, clay tiles, and slate—so picking a metal roof that matches your home and your neighborhood’s roof style is easy. And because of the material it’s made from, a metal roof retains its color and looks much better than other types of roofs.

2. A Metal Roof Lasts Longer.

Normal roofs have to be replaced every 9-12 years. But metal roofing for Lubbock and surrounding areas is practically indestructible and will last you at least 40 to 60 years. While other types of roofs have varying degrees of weather-related problems that wear them down over the years, metal roofs don’t. Think of metal as the Superman of roofs—it’s invincible and nothing can harm it. Metal roofs DO NOT crack, rot, warp, flake, peel, burn, or blow off.

3. A Metal Roof Is Fire & Storm Proof.

Metal roofs have been proven to be the most fire-retardant type of roof. Metal also stands up to heavy storms better than other roofing materials. And if you’re worried about your metal roof being struck by lightning, don’t be. It’s been proven that metal roofs are NOT any more susceptible to lightning strikes than other types of roofs, because lightning is attracted to large objects that are long and thin. And even if lightning did strike your home (God forbid), your metal roof would be the safest roofing material you could have protecting you, since it’s noncombustible.

4. A Metal Roof Lowers Your Energy Costs.

You'll save up to 25% off your energy bills because metal roofs act as a thermal barrier for your home. Metal reflects sunlight better than any other type of roofing material. It makes your home cooler by reflecting away sunlight and reducing the amount that enters your home. So while metal roofs cost a little more money to install, your investment will pay itself many, many times over in energy savings.

5. A Metal Roof Is Eligible For Tax Credits and Insurance Discounts.

In 2013, the government renewed its metal-roof tax credit. That means Uncle Sam will give you up to a $500 tax credit for your metal roofing in Lubbock and surrounding areas. Your insurance company will also give you anywhere from 15%-30% off your homeowners premium with a metal roof purchase.

6. A Metal Roof Enhances The Value Of Your Home.

You'll automatically get back 60% to 90% of the cost of the metal roof in the form of increased home value. That’s because a metal roof requires zero maintenance, lasts at least five times longer than other roofing materials, and simply looks better.